Using Evernote Templates Workshop | From Simply Days

Templates that you’ve previously downloaded so it’s not necessary but if you’d like you can go ahead and do that so I’ll enter my information here and I’ll go ahead and click create an account and just enter a password for that account and then click place order so just thinking about that for a second.

And once it’s ready I can save the password if I’d like and then.

It will generate the URL code for that template that I just downloaded so all you have to do is highlight the link this information will also be sent to you and your email so you’ll have reference to it.

Right in your inbox but just to highlight the link and then click command C open a new web browser and then hit command V to paste that link right into your URL now you’ll have the template right here ready to go and ready to enter ready to save into your Evernote account so at the bottom if you’re not using Evernote then at the bottom you will see a link here to download as PDF.

Now to get it into Evernote I’m already logged in but I’m gonna log out really quick so you can see the process if you’re not logged in to ever know how to get it into your account just click this save.

To Evernote button in the top right corner and that will pop up this box to either create an account again if you don’t have an account with Evernote then see my getting started guide and all the templates there’s a link to the getting started guide so you can access it right there I have an account so I’ll hit sign in the informations already saved so I’ll sign in and what that does.

Is pop up a box right here of all of my Evernote notebooks and I can easily navigate down and I’m going to find my adventure a travel notebook since this is a packing list so it makes the.

Most sense to go into my travel notebook so I’ll hit save and once I do that I’ll see this little check mark check mark at the top that says that it’s been.

Saved right into my account so I’m going to navigate over to Evernote so here I am in Evernote and you can see my account is syncing right up here if it’s not syncing then just go ahead and click on that icon right there and that will sync your account I’m already in.

The notebook that I selected which is my adventure and travel notebook and right here it’s the packing list template that I just downloaded from simplify dates if the template is not showing up at the top of the.
Notebook that you selected it could be because of how you have your.

Notes ordered so just go ahead and click.

This icon right here and go to sort and then date updated and that will sort your notes of the most recent edited note and since the packing list is the most recent one then it will then show up at the very top of your list now the first thing here is what’s great about this is it’s in your account and now it’s fully customizable to your needs the first thing I’m going to suggest doing is adding a tag up here.

At the top called templates and that will save all of the original templates where you can access them and pull them up in their original format if you’d ever liked you now to get started.

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