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Customizing this and using it for your needs save this original so you can come back and use the same original template again and.

We’ll use the copy notebook function to create a brand new template that I can start editing for a specific upcoming trip it’s really easy just go to the top tap top menu bar select.

Note and then select copy to notebook what that will do is bring up a whole list of.

All my notebooks I can make the copy into another notebook I’m just going to copy it to this exact same notebook once I hit copy you’ll see that a brand new template is right here and I’m going to.

Remove that tag for template.

So that the template tag is just for the original and then I am planning a trip to Moab soon so I’m gonna change this title to something applicable for my trip so enter the date and the location and it’s a packing list so now I’m ready to start entering all the information for my trip I can go in here and start entering the clothes that I need a pack or suffered the family that.

I need to pack I can also add new tables right here if I would like whole new sections for the template some users for specific templates like to add reminders you can click right here to add a reminder with any specific date to this template or any of the templates and what that does is Evernote will then send your minor to come back and look at this note on the date that you selected so that can be really useful for some of the templates now remember this template has been downloaded into your personal.

Account so it’s no way linked or associated with my account or anyone else’s so anything that you add or edit is totally personal and only viewable and your own personal account so go ahead and add whatever details you’d like now.

At the bottom of all these templates are all of my directions for using the template as well as the.

PDF version so for the original template you can go ahead and leave those directions if you’d like for this copy that we made here you probably don’t need all of.

These directions so you can go ahead and delete them if you want for the PDF it will show up the whole entire PDF you can just right click on it if you’d like and then click view as attachment and that will just show up as an attachment so that that whole long PDF or if you’re using this right in Evernote you probably don’t need the PDF so for this template I’ll go.

Ahead and delete those directions and if I ever need a reference back to the directions then I’ll just go back to the original template and that’s where I can get the directions for the copy or notebook function if I need to or see the Evernote getting started guide if I need a refresher so um the great thing about these templates as you can see is that you can totally personalize them to your specific needs plus you can always have them.

Available with you no matter where you are.

You can pull them up on your desktop or laptop or your phone just make sure you have ever note down loaded on all your devices and the template will be right.

There ready for you so you can see how quick and easy it is to get these templates right into your own Evernote account and it’s not a cup and start copying and customizing them for your own personal needs now let’s quickly go back to the main template page at simplify.

Days so that I can show you a couple of other options with these templates if you want one or two then just follow that same process go through and choose the ones that you want or if you’re really.

About these templates like I am then you can.

Click right here on this product called full collection of templates and that will give you instant access to all the templates that I have available.

At simplify days just click Add while the same process and you’ll get links to every single template that I have now I am continually adding to this collection so if you’d like to be notified whenever I have a new template available at the bottom of all the products there’s this get notified option here and just click on.

This link and it will pull up this page for email updates whenever I release new ever notice templates so you’ll be the first to know right when they’re available all you do is just click here enter your email and then we’ll be in touch and I’ll let you know as soon as they are available also again on all the products that’s available and right below they get notified you can submit ideas if you’d like so if there’s something specific that you would like designed for an Evernote template then.

Just let me know and I’ll get right to work creating map for you so there we have it Evernote templates I hope you’re just as excited about this as I am that’s how I’m using Evernote templates in my personal life and how you can easily start integrating them into your own organization system as well again you can download these Evernote templates completely for free at simplified acecomm just click on the products tab and you’ll see the full collection and can access them all right there hope you enjoy them if you have any questions just.

Below write a comment and I’d love to talk to you more about Evernote templates anything with Evernote or a.

Digital organization thanks for watching thanks again francesco for having me and here’s to simplifying with evernote templates.

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