Using Google Keep On Galaxy Note

On this episode of note tactics I’ll share with you how I use Google keep to keep track of to do’s checklists and things that generally don’t belong in my brain I’ll also show you how you can share these lists with your frenemies in this case my wife let’s jump in it so what is Google keep keep is a.

Free combo platter of note-taking checklists and tasks all in one app it’s available on Android iOS.
And the web best of all it syncs your.

Content automatically you can even share your notes with other people.

Then edit those notes which also will sync across all platforms because I’m a writer and an illustrator I have ideas popping in and out of my brain 24 hours a day I use keep to jot down every new idea so I don’t forget it let me go ahead and launch it little icon right here lightbulb as you can see I have some notes already set up now let’s talk about how we can use this awesome application so let’s go ahead and get started by creating something I’ll create a brand new checklist now if you.

Look at the bottom of the interface on the Galaxy Note you have this little icon right here well check this button right away you’re given a title and your first check box so I’ll go ahead and call this research and then I’ll type.

Right here I can type as you can see or I can write because I’m using an S Pen which is awesome so I’ll put books and it recognized that of course because s-pen for the win I could type here.

Let’s say backpack and so on so I could either hit the list item or I can hit the returned to add more items to the list once I’m done I.

Simply return to the main interface by hitting the arrow up here that new note is now available right in your list now let’s say you like to organize things visually you want to have all of your checklists a certain color for example I.

Have grey here I have blue here and.

I have other colors I could tap on my list go down to the bottom and.

Choose a color whatever color you want so maybe all your shopping lists to green and all of your home shopping lists are blue for example once you’re done once again it’s just simply return to the main interface it’s saved automatically there is no Save button now let’s go ahead and talk about how we can use the s-pen in.

The case of the Samsung Galaxy Note to draw a note so I’ll go ahead and tap the little pen.

Icon and let’s say a client wants me to create a light bulb icon I.

Can choose the pen that I want to use by tapping on the pen the size of the brush or pen the color I’ll go ahead and choose like a blue and I can also choose the eraser the pen and other tools so once again I’m gonna go ahead and just start to scribble up a little stylize light bulb I might want to change the color change the size and just do something like this and once I’m done all I have to do is once again exit.

The note and there it is so it’s a great way to brainstorm on the road that’s why I really really rely on the S Pen it’s my best buddy now of course if you’re on an iPad pro you can use the Apple pencil but I have another video on how I use Google keep on the iPad pro so be.

Gonna look out for that one but just in case you’re not familiar this is the Apple pencil.

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