Using Google Keep On Galaxy Note

And like the S Pen it brings a lot of functionality to your iPad pro giving you the ability to write notes to draw sketch or whatever so once again we’re going to look out for that video.

Now let’s take a look at how we can share notes with collaborators so I’m going to go back to my light bulb sketch and say that I want to send this to my client and also have him or her write notes whatever they write will appear because.

We’re sharing it on my copy of Google keep so I’m going to go back to this icon here the little ellipses choose collaborator then I could enter the name of the person that I want to share this with once done I hit save and then.

They will accept the note on their version of Google keep and they could write comments or notes from me I can make modifications and we can go back and forth very cool I will go.

Ahead and exit that for now you can also add images to your Google keep notes now you see a little icon of a camera right here I could tap that I could take a photo or I can choose.

An image that’s already in my photo library and it will add it to a note very nice when you’re.

Doing research for books for example I might see something really cool I might start writing a.

Note I can also insert a picture and I can even annotate on that picture the same way you could do everything else for example I will choose an image in my library here of my notes and by tapping on that image I can now tap the pen choose a color as usual and I can start to annotate if I don’t like that I can undo or switch to the eraser.

And simply erase those lines or marks go back to the main interface and voila now as I mentioned earlier why do.

I like checklists in Google keep I’m going to return to that checklist of how I plan to record these videos now you saw me close these by.

Tapping the check box what I love about Google keep is I can simply on check those and they go right back where they were in the first place you can imagine how valuable this is.

Because if you’re recording videos you’re going to probably do the same tasks every single.

Video and as you work you’ll get rid of those items and when you’re ready for the next video you put them right back just really great well everyone that is a look at how I use Google keep on my Galaxy Note a life is already complicated so why keep.

All the noise in your head when you can dump it all in to keep if this video has been helpful in any way please give it a thumbs up.

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