Edtech Showdown: Evernote Vs. Notability

Hey there i’m merve la bouche and I love using Evernote to keep myself organized and I’m Erin we’ll keo I prefer the app notability for all my note-taking needs yeah but for use in the classroom which one do you think is better that’s a great question Merv let’s take a look at both tools side-by-side this is the second.

Installment of our EdTech quick-take series Evernote versus notability we’ll compare some key features and look at how students and teachers use these tools.

In the classroom let’s take a look both Evernote and notability are powerful tools for.

Note-taking and organization with either tool users can organize notes into folders and everything saved in the cloud so you can access search and edit your notes.

On the fly and both tools let you add a variety of content from text to handwritten notes photos audio recordings and more but for classroom use there’s one important difference you should know about right up front Evernote seeks to any device through its own cloud storage system whereas notability syncs between a.

User’s Apple devices using an iCloud account also the notability app does play pretty well with other cloud storage tools still when it comes to access for all students this might make Evernote the only choice in some classrooms that’s true but we shouldn’t overlook notability even if you don’t have a one-to-one iPad program notability has unique features that make it great for students for starters note abilities note playback feature students can type notes and record.

Audio simultaneously the audio automatically syncs up to the correct places within the note Evernote does let users insert audio clips but not like that at least not yet also note ability has built-in drawing and sketching tools these are really helpful especially when paired with the hand.

You can get super detailed and overall the apps interface seems a bit more kid-friendly that’s really useful to know we should.

Also mention how some teachers are using these tools to share documents with students and parents right you can almost use them like a basic elements exactly.

Evernote shared notebooks let teachers send and receive notes and documents with their students or even groups of students there are lots of possibilities and students and teachers can collaborate on notes even in the free version and the new chat feature could also be helpful in notability you can share notes with other users but only using email or a cloud service like Dropbox or Google Drive it’s still pretty simple but maybe not quite as seamless so when it comes down to it which app is.

Best for education for any Apple one-to-one classrooms or for individual students notability is a solid choice plus it’s under three bucks but for the most accessibility across devices which is a big deal in most schools Evernote’s probably the stronger option and the free version comes with a lot.

Of functionality so which app works best for your classroom tell us what you think and check out our reviews of all the best EdTech tools at common sense education.

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