Working With Evernote | Finding Your Default Notebook

In this week’s episode of working with Evernote I am going to talk to you about default notebooks hello and welcome to another episode of working with Evernote my name is Kyle Pauline and in this week’s episode I want to talk to you about default notebooks and in particular how to set up your default notebook and the reason I’m.

Doing this is because there have been so many comments recently on my youtube channel from all sorts of users Android users iOS users Mac users and Windows users asking me how to set.

Up the default notebook in their Evernote and I think the reason for this is it has moved around a bit over the years and so what I thought I would do in this episode is I would show you how to set up your default notebook and of course we can’t go on to this episode without talking about the new branding of Evernote which.

I personally think is fantastic I love the green elephant and for moment maths is the name of the elephant Mads I just love the green elephant I think that’s.

The right move for Evernote and it does look a little bit fresher and a little bit newer and to be honest after 10 years of evernote evernote just looks better and stronger than ever and I’m really excited about the future anyway enough about the branding let’s start talking about notebooks and default notebooks in particular so let’s get into Evernote but before I do that I would just like to say if you liked this episode please click.
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Please subscribe okay let’s get into Evernote and we’ll start looking at the default notebook okay so let’s what we’re.

Looking at here is how to set up your default notebook now there’s a couple of ways of doing this the easiest way is to use the three dots that you the ellipses at the side here now my inbox is already set as default notebook as you can see here the default notebook is ReadySet and that’s how I have my notebook set up but let’s just say that I wanted to create say my favorite tweets oh no let’s go to check.
This here I wanted that to be my.

Default notebook what you’ll see is if you click on the ellipses here that the three dots or ellipses you can click on this here and say set as default notebook so it’s really quite simple from just going into your notebook view now this I know is on a Mac but Windows is slightly different however that’s not.

A big problem because I put a link in the show notes below in the Licking section where you can go to the Evernote help page.

That will tell you exactly how to.

Set your default notebook in any device that you are using now I did say there was two ways of doing this the second way of doing this.
Is to go into Evernote preferences up at the.

Top here and this is the way you would do it on windows by the.

Way go into general and you’ll see here by default place new notes into the following notebook now this is the way you would do it on Windows because I know I.

Checked but all you need to do then is at the.

Setters inbox but if I click on the down arrow key here I have all my notebooks here.

So you can actually click on any one of these that you want and you can actually just create your own.

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