Working With Evernote | Finding Your Default Notebook

Default notebook I’m gonna stick with.

Inbox because that’s mine setup and essentially that’s all you have to do to set up your new notebook or your default notebook now while I’m in here what I would like to say.

Is I did mention in the introduction about.

Evernote new branding ever now also launched a new section here which you’ll see at the bottom.

Underneath notebooks called shared with me if you click on that these are all the things that are actually been shared with your colleagues or with other people and everything is down here and it will show you exactly who you shared with and when you shared it with them so this is all here and you can actually just go and check which notebooks you’ve you’ve actually shared so that’s.

Just something that I would like to point out I haven’t gone into that in much detail and if there are some new and wonderful things you can do was shared with me I will do that in a future episode but for those of you just curious about with the recent update to Evernote if there was anything new well this is the section that came out.

That was new shared with me and it gives you all the notes notebooks and everything else that you might have that you shared with other people or people have shared with you okay hopefully you found this useful it just remains for me now to wish you all a very very productive week thank you very much for watching this video I just like to tell you about my free beginner’s guide to building your own productivity system now if you.

Are new to productivity or even if you’re an old hand to productivity systems this beginner’s guide is designed especially for you it’s around about a 1 hour long online course that will give you all.

And tricks that you need to build your very own productivity system.

You can start focusing in on the things that are important to you and start building a life that you can be very happy with I just want to say thank you again so much for watching this video.

My free beginner’s guide to building your own productivity system details on how to enroll in that course are in the show notes below or you can click up there or on the on the video.

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