My Full Productivity Workflow Inc Notion + Todoist + Calendars 5 & More

Hey ever an it is Francesco here welcome back to another video here on the key productive YouTube channel if you’re brand new welcome and if your regular welcome back so in today’s video I am actually gonna be doing something something I don’t normally do I’m gonna be doing a full workflow video I’m gonna show you every single major.

Productivity app that I use across my day I want to share how I use them how I use them.

Together if I do and also a bit more detail into some of the other micro resources I use across my day and the main reason I wanted to do this video it’s because I’ve been putting up setup videos for a while now around like notion to.

Do is didn’t have a note and how I’m actually using them in context my everyday and that’s brilliant and I get a lot of comments that are like Francesco go deeper into that and I’m like okay oh actually I need to I know I need to and so today’s video hopefully will clear up a lot of that and hopefully pull together.
How I’m using them in everyday practice now of.

Everything in Scripture below so you guys can go away and check all that stuff out I’ll probably do some.

Sort of article as well if I can manage to get it out early I’ll put it in description so you guys can go away naturally see a website of all this stuff and how I use it so let’s start off with the tools.

That I actually use and kick things off and for those who don’t know to do this is my to do this application of.

Choice I actually used to do this as basically a window of my 30 days of actionable tasks so one side of my to do is you tend to find like most important tasks of the day just daily items and I need to get done things that are really tangible and actionable now I have as my calendar application Google Calendar I also use calendars five on iOS because I find that it distills Google Calendar in a bit of a slightly nicer light and I use that for planning event and activities so nothing too complicated.

There now Evernote is my chosen note-taking resource I use it to store and it’s no important information and take notes across my.

And that can be any bit of detail a notion is as I’ve talked a lot of you guys in comments it’s almost like a 30,000 feet view of all of my.

Projects almost like goal setting planning almost how I used Trello to some extent which I’ll come unto in a moment and I’m also gonna mention today how I’m using Google Drive – I use Google Drive mainly for client work and document creation so it’s really a supporting tool and doesn’t really conflict with the likes of Evernote so just a note I actually I wanted to.

Talk about Trello because obviously you guys know dive used try lead quite a lot in the past I used it actually for most.

Of the time in my sort of university years and even afterwards like the first year and a bit of freelancing was that but in about two months away oh okay I sort of moved away from it and I’m using.

It solely and for project management resources at work and also for a few outlining things so I’ll go into more detail on that when I talk about notion but it’s just something to be aware of and it’s actually taken me a really long period of time to.

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