My Full Productivity Workflow Inc Notion + Todoist + Calendars 5 & More

Fully transition and confirm my transition so I actually started using notion in June time last year and.

An intro was you know slowly being replaced in the sense but I didn’t actually know I didn’t actually made the full commitment so it took me about six months to say actually six to eight months to fully transition.

So let’s start with todoist I wanted to talk about my sort of process as I go across my day now introduced tends to be open most of the time on my day I used the macro version mamie I have the iOS version.
Which I use as I go about my.

Day to capture de Soto my tasks I guess that come in so what I do is I capture most of my stuff in my inbox and a lot of the time that’s using the control L I believe it is I’ve setup on Mac as I’m so i sexually save tasks while I’m in other browsers and I’ll demonstrate a few of.

The ways I’m using that in a moment but yet it’s really in a nice way to quickly capture tasks and then what I do is if I’m out and about I will actually capture stuff to the inbox and that can be anything from shopping lists but the application was.

Great offline so I’m always just adding stuff in there ideas as I’m going about my day now I don’t use the Siri integration but it’s something I definitely will look to do when I get a bit of a faster phone now I’m using the de section so I actually plot all of the tasks for my week using day so I click day and when I’m doing.

My full overview with using notion which I’ll talk about a little in a bit I put in all of the actionable items for the week ahead now I would use comments to add context to tasks so you guys may have seen there I use.

Comments but I have already talked a great deal about it I’ll include links and sometimes even checklists of items that I need to actually get done and sometimes even like up to seven to ten different tasks inside a checklist and but just this just provides me with a nice view and doesn’t necessarily push me to use the subtasks function I like the subtasks function but I just preferred.
Using it with client activity because it makes it more.

Actionable whereas if I’ve got admin tasks I like to just list them using a simple checklist one two three four inside of to do as comments now I’ll include links in there as well all the time to Evernote links and.

Things like that but no real direct automation or Evernote workflow there and I also use these later which used to be called plan to capture things for late in.

You’re probably wondering what exactly is that well it’s pretty much items.

That are like things for the weekend or I would say anything three days plus that I know I’m gonna go go there and check in that inbox when I do my weekly overview so I know I’m gonna.

Get that now but actually it really does help because they’re like just things for later and things I can come to in the future again that’s sort of like replicated of GTD but not really that’s something that I think you guys.

Can sort of take with a pinch of salt debt now in terms of sort of changes we might to doest I used to have that morning routine tab I sort of got a bit annoyed at it because I actually knew.

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