My Full Productivity Workflow Inc Notion + Todoist + Calendars 5 & More

My morning routine I was just ticking off something just to tick it off for the the sake of starting my day so what I have actually started doing is any admin.

Periods of time in the day I will basically slot in like an admin tasks in the day and then add a bunch of small items so for example with my kick off my day I would want to start doing a few things like one two three four okay I’ve done all of these micro actions so for example maybe like you know clear email update client board I’ve been so things that take between five ten minutes to do but just a really a good way to do it now in terms of viewing.

My week ahead my week is basically a.

Timeline so it breaks through the skull per day on actions and I use a sort of theming to some extent I only really change my to-do list every once a day and that’s just dependent on if there’s something that’s changed based on an event or based on other items now Google Calendar now this is quite interesting as we.

Move on to another one events and activities tend to get organized here I open it in my morning and using calendars five out of.

My phone just to double-check what meetings I.

Have but a lot of the time I tend to know what’s coming up I would.

Use the Google home integration in the morning.

Sometimes it’s back is out the room I just go yeah you know what have I got on the calendar today and it tends to tell me but I pretty much store just all static events here there’s not really a great deal of I’m gonna say like detail at some extent there’s always like something happening everyday and I will use the timings and details of each thing now I’ve started actually recently theming the days using the calendar I never used to.

Do this was inspired by Mike Vardy in that video when he was talking a lot about it I previously did this but tend to be in my head I knew that Monday would be content.

Day or Tuesday would be content day and sort of flip it about but using this theming for the old a function in guk and it’s actually very very useful now I only use the calendar for meetings and things so you’ll see a fairly bare open space but I actually.

Used it quite aggressively before so it’s actually been such a upgrade since that one now moving on to Evernote as you’re probably wondering what sort of things do I store in my Evernote account and I actually store a range of things ideas meeting notes and just general notes projects and you’re probably wondering you know that sounds like a generalized amount but you’ve got to.

Remember I’ve been using Evernote for like five six seven.

Years now so I’ve got like this array of notes like I’ve literally got my history of money career progression and even things like that in there so it’s important for me to note that I am involving with my Evernote I used to.

Put all of that sort of stuff in there a lot of time and now I don’t know it’s not as much and you should use it for journaling.

But now I don’t use it at all for journaling so it’s always going to be changing but my sort of general wolf Evernote is anything that is really focused on lesson two pages goes into Evernote so for example if I’m like creating a document and it’s like I know it’s gonna be like a proposal or something like that I’m like all more than two pages I’m like no it’s it’s not gonna go.

Into Evernote it’s gonna go into Google Drive which I’ll talk about in a bit but ever do provides me basically a hub of all of my data and I wouldn’t store stuff in Google Drive like for example I wouldn’t store a quick note in Google Drive because it’s nine not I’d be able to search and it’s not ideal for quick access either I tend to open Google Drive on my desktop and Evernote on my mobile device now Evernote does give me what.

A new one comes to making a speedy notes but also detail detail rich as you see one of my setup I’m using Evernote for fast pipeline planning opened projects is and that’s something that I’ve only recently been doing so for example if I’m looking to visualize what’s coming up or even a proposal for a client on a piece of work that.

Is very brief like project based I will actually use Evernote tables and.

A combination of multimedia features so it’s something that has taken me time to use but it’s almost like a like a mid grained is sort of like a baby Google Drive to some extent almost.

At the time but it just provides me a bit more flexibility than Google Drive does now notion probably the biggest thing that people are nudging me about many people are.

Asking me how I’m using notion it’s pretty much my new Trello to some extent I previously.

Used Trello for long term planning and I recommend it so much deal but notion has taken top spot for me but do remember that it has taken me.

Like eight months to fully transition just because I’ve been confident on the resources and I need to use in there and and I previously use Trello for like.

Four or five years and I still do on a daily basis so it’s not something that I’ve taken lightly and now I would say my.

Notion use is really weak I’m looking to go drop our hard core on it because it’s not even touching the surface what I need to do and optimize there are so many features it’s almost like it’s really hard to explain it’s almost like when you’re using Evernote only for just scribbling out checklists and that’s it like there’s so many features in the advanced abilities that you can go into detail with and if you don’t it’s sort of like.

You’re losing out on it because of that so I’m using it at the moment really for like high planning so I will use a visualize all of my my roadmap my long-term goals some of my client projections and sales activity is a freelancer and also a few of the key productive projects which helps me just to manage the thing that I really like about motion is it’s so flexible and I can make it into a dashboard however I like and it’s like.

Ever evolving as a tool so I’m using it more and more often I would say on a daily basis just because it gives me this higher level of view now I think in the future it’s gonna have integrations with like Evernote and todoist so I can actually weirdly see it I’ll probably talk about this in another future as a.

Potential tool that I could run everything in notion.

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