My Full Productivity Workflow Inc Notion + Todoist + Calendars 5 & More

So imagine you’ve got the ability to panel in and see your to-do as tasks and a panel win to see.

Your Evernote now just a note here I would not use notion as my task manager I’m not sure why but the resource really doesn’t if for me be suitable for it to do this.

Checklist yeah it’s not speedy enough but that’s just my honest opinion so far now Google Drive and you’re probably wondering because I don’t speak about Google Drive that often I see it as a tool they use for work it’s very similar to Trello to some extent now it’s a tool that I will use for projects and activities I use it to store files images videos documents.

Anything really and also create documents for clients now documents are more than they are in Evernote in evolute they’re more notes whereas documents they’re more proposals more meaningful chunky documents I need for work and.

I would use Evernote to write documents and articles I.

Used to but now I fall in there would Google Docs as that and that’s mainly due to the commenting.

And editing share abilities I probably did Evernote for solely in the past because I was a student and it was maybe less important and now it’s.

It’s very much important to have.

Comment and sharing abilities so I use my notebook layout that is inside Evernote into the Google Drive although right now it’s pretty messy and that’s just due to a Mac transfer and a few projects that have gone on doesn’t need a little refresh at.

The end of this week now you’re probably wondering francesco how do you.

Use all of these in one day and you know that’s I think there’s quite a good question and they all serve a different purpose one provides task management to do us one provides note-taking Evernote one provides event management google cow one.

Provides life or long-term planning which is notion and one provides document and file storage now you’re probably wondering as well integrations how do you connect all.

Of these up together I really don’t I don’t use any major connections and neither.

Have very like a fully optimized a PA or one of the leading automation tools like workflow it actually helped me to craft a personal workflow but my workflow works for me I’m looking to do in the future but let me take you through a full scenario of how they work together in a very simple structure so here’s a sort of simple work week planning session so I’ll start by actually starting with notion I’ll go into my notion and view my 3-month roadmap which.

Is basically like all of the end month goals what do.

I need to deliver like what are the deliverables I need to get done and they could range across all projects or clients and they’re normally pretty actionable – um and what time what I’ll do is so for example let’s say it’s like March the second week of March which it is I will go okay how I’ll go down list now go how far am i away from all of these and what I’ll.

Do is I’ll tend to use the ctrl L todoist and save tasks into the duyst from that and it’s just a neat way for me to just like.

Pull actions out of those so for example less they had like grow Facebook group to a thousand seven hundred I could then go okay actually I probably.

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