My Full Productivity Workflow Inc Notion + Todoist + Calendars 5 & More

Need to adapt the Facebook questions when people enter I probably need to make few more people admin I probably need to do this I probably need to do that and I just post all of those stuff in use and control our inter todoist you probably wondering that’s mad like oh then see.

Lot of stuff in my inbox that’s what I do at the end of my week because it then gives me.

All of my tasks for the next week and helps me to keep focus towards my goal and that’s in monthly so it’s very useful now when it comes to the calendar side of stuff.

I’ll leave that to do inbox ready for in a moment I’ll go to my calendar and plot my focus days so for example those old day themes and I’ll view all of my next week’s activities in.

My calendar I’ll then go over to do this once I’ve made that pretty happy and I’m happy with the days I’ve chosen in the event activities that I’ve gone on and then I’ll plot all.

Tasks relevant to that and this might sound a little bit complicated but really isn’t so I’ll just go okay you know I’ve actually chosen Tuesday as my filming day.

Okay now I know that all of my.

Film related or recording related items go into Tuesday for example so todoist I’ll go into the day view.

And I won’t go to inbox straightaway I’m going to day view and plot all of the tasks I need to get done.

For the week and I’ll use these sub tasks inside of most of the client stuff and also just plot everything out and then I pretty much have a timeline of my week that’s then when I go to the inbox and start plotting.

Out those other major items or adding them to the existing pieces inside of there if that makes sense now let’s use a couple of worked examples in this I told you this guys this would be long guys a.

Worked example of this in a specific situation so for example Evernote Google Drive and Trello don’t usually play a part in this but let’s take used to assert a few scenarios in which I’ve used them so for example client asks me for the end of.

Months report or something like this I would use Google Drive all day and every day because it’s a really nice way to make a professional proposal in document format maybe a client asked me for an outline of a part of a project I probably use Evernote because.

It’s quite speedy decend provides you with short notes and comments maybe a client asked me Francesco can you start to organize our content I would probably go to Trello a lot of time and if they don’t already use a resource like Basecamp or a sauna I’ll probably in trouble now another one is a client gives me a list of tasks.

To get on with after meeting and I’ll type them up into Evernote and then copy and paste them into todoist plopped in so for example in Evernote I’ll create a meeting note and then I have an agenda view of the specific meeting and then I’ll type in.

Meeting notes at the end I’ll copy and paste them into inbox.

Into there and process them for later so it’s actually a really neat process so that’s a little bit about how those other tools come into play with the workflow but as I.

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