My Full Productivity Workflow Inc Notion + Todoist + Calendars 5 & More

Growing and sort of it grows every single month I would say it develops but you may see me talk about a couple other apps and I’m only going to mention three here but there’s sort of micro situations so bear I use solely for scripting I love it for scripting I don’t know why it is such a beautiful application for doing that so I’m actually using it for that for example now using it for the script or the general outline of the videos that.

I’m talking about fant├ístico – I previously use this on Matt but not so much anymore I have it on Matt and use it as a way to visualize all of my tasks but not so much anymore and finally soon is an application on my iPhone that I use to track things I want to go and do it so it’s not ready event base is not task based it’s just a bucket list app and just make things look a lot easier to view so.

Guys that was my workflow really long and hopefully that gave you a nice outline into the method of my madness as I said I’m using lots of different applications but.

In a very sleek way I’m not using overly too many I don’t think and let me know in the comments whether what you think of my workflow but the general community comment today if you want to put in how you use tools I’m gonna be reading them I’d love to hear how you’re going through your work process maybe list the five or three or whatever you use doesn’t matter how many.

Used the work you get done in the comments and I’ll happily have a good old read I love reading how other people use stuff so guys I hope.

That was useful I hope it cleared up a few loose ends but as you can imagine it’s something that I’m growing in continually improving every single day anyway guys thank you so much for stopping by I hope you enjoyed this video hit.

The thumbs up if you enjoyed it it subscribe if you’re brand new and feel free to join the new Facebook group and you’ll love it I’m sure anyway guys thank you so much for stopping by make sure have a great week keep productive and I’ll.

See you guys very very soon however an it is Francesca here welcome back to another video here on the key productive YouTube channel if you’re brand new welcome and if your regular welcome back so in today’s video I am actually gonna be doing something something I don’t normally do I’m gonna be doing a full workflow video I’m gonna show you.

Every single major productivity app that I use across my day I want to share how I use them how I use.

Them together if I do and also a bit more detail.

Into some of the other micro resources I use.

Across my day and the main reason I wanted to do this video it’s because I’ve been putting up set up videos for a while now around like notion todoist.

And have a note and how I’m actually using them in context my everyday and that’s brilliant and I get a lot of comments that are like Francesco go deeper.

Into that and I’m like okay oh actually I need to I know I need to UM so today’s video hopefully will clear up.

A lot of that and hopefully pull together how I’m using them in everyday practice now of course some I’ll include everything inscription below so you guys can go away and check all that stuff out I’ll probably do some sort of article as well um if I.

Can manage to get out early I’ll put it in description so you guys can go away naturally I see a website of all this stuff and how I use it um so let’s start off with the tools that I actually use and kick things off and for those who don’t know to do this is my to do this application of choice I actually used to do this as basically a window of my 30 days of actionable tasks so once on.

A my to do is you tend to find like most important tasks of the day just daily items and I need to get done things that are really tangible and actionable now I have as my calendar application Google Calendar I also use calendars 5 on iOS.

Because I find that it distills Google Calendar in a bit of a slightly nicer and I use that for planning events and activities.

So nothing too complicated there.

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