Ibm Cio Study (clarke – Nokia): Maximizing Productivity With Mobile Technology

I think like most people I’ve always seemed to working very busy industries where everybody’s very busy and one of the most practical things that I’ve been involved with is how to enable people through more effective in their work life and both here they knock you and previously in retail in other places I’ve done that through yet mobile technology.

Giving them both access to email and calendars.

On the move so letting them basically do their job without being tethered to the.

Desk now that’s been very effectual because what it does it lets them maximize those little free time gaps they have that the five minutes between going from one meeting to the next whilst waiting in an escalator whilst in a queue for a coffee they can quickly check their calendar or the email they can.

Call something to organize a meeting these are all things that normally they have to wait until the end of the day to do and be faced with a backlog and another one out of work.

So it is how to liberate them from the desk and still feel they’re connected to all the other things going on try and make it seamless so that that yeah.

They share their calendar it’s not a separate calendar or they share their inbox so you know having a more integrated solution is the thing to look out for.

If you when this technology first came about if you deleted the email on your device it wouldn’t be deleted in your inbox that was a frustration so.

Think about the user experience try and replicate the features and.

Functionalities are on the technologies being deployed the lesson here is that you know it wasn’t really a technology lesson as such it was idea that there are ways in which you can help people better make use of their time and what is a i think a natural human desire.

Be more productive without them thinking about it and and help them say minimize the amount of administration they.
Need to do there’s always in a real interest in that and that’s what.

This let them do basically you let them do some of things and therefore minimize that ended late administrative task.

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