Why You Need At Least 1 Va To Succeed In Business (productivity Hack)

Right now you’re probably trying to be a warm-up buns it’s time to fix up in this video we are going to reverse engineer your goals so that you can achieve success faster than you ever thought possible by using one of my best discovered productivity hacks on my entrepreneurial journey so most people think that they should wait until they.
And hire a virtual assistant for their company but.

Really as soon as you make like two hundred dollars profit three hundred four hundred five hundred dollars profit you should reinvest.
Even if it’s just a tiny little bit of profit into hiring.

An assistant I’m gonna go into this very in a lot more detail in this video but the overarching theme that you need to know is that not everything you do in your business matters equally and business is tough so if you want to succeed that if you want to succeed fast then you need to be willing to.

Say no to some tasks and outsource um because you want to be focused in your time on the business and grow in the business rather than being in the business so right now I have about 25 active contracts.

With freelancers on up work give or take and I also have some freelancers outside of up work that I work with and you don’t have to go this extreme and in fact you’re not gonna go this.

Extreme what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna find.

The one Rockstar virtual assistant to help you do all the grunt work inside of your business or at least some of it so that you can spend your time solely on a growing your business and I know what you’re thinking right now this sounds expensive but in reality you can find this Rockstar virtual assistant but like two to three dollars per hour it doesn’t have to be expensive but it is going to be.

Massively productive so once you apply what I’m going to teach you in this video you are not only gonna be so much more productive you’re not only gonna show up cut your success massively but you’re also just gonna feel great all the extra free time I’m gonna give you and you can spend that free time on growing your company I’m.

For sharing your goals so I’m gonna get straight into the video now but first.

If you found this video helpful I would appreciate if you should go below and smash that like button because that helps me and if you feel like you might want to watch more of this content feel free to go below the video and smash that subscribe button too and do not forget to turn the notification bell on so you are notified we upload videos just like this one so right now I’m gonna teach you the rules.
Of money that no one will teach you so the.

First thing that you need to do is to find your monthly goal and I want you to make it big an ambitious while also being realistic too let’s just say for this example your first goal is to make.

$10,000 a month profits so what you want to do now is devise your goal from months into days so if you want to make $10,000 a month between 30.

Days that is 333 dollars per day so now you know you need to make 333 dollar profit per day to achieve your goals what you need to do is break it down one step further and this is where it gets real magic so what you need to do now is work out how many hours you are gonna work each day and I’m not talking.

Like the total amount of hours I am just talking about the productive hours so let’s say you work seven hours eight hours a day and out of that you only really have five productive hours okay you want to use the productive hours rather than the.

Total hours as your number so if you are working five productive hours every single day on average throughout the month then that means you now need to make sixty.

Six dollars per hour because if you need to make 333 dollars per day you divide that by five hours you now know that to achieve your goal you need to make sixty.

Six dollars per hour so you probably wondering what the whole point of that exercise was but now we’re gonna do is we are going to make sure that you stay true to your hourly rate so what I want you to do.

Over the next week in your business you can also try and do this now off the top of your head but I will need to track every single activity that you do inside your business no matter how big no matter how small everything you do just write it.

Down on paper and this is gonna be valuable in like many ways to you this is sort of like the business fundamentals that.

I’m teaching you right now but just write down every single activity you would do let’s say a weeks period so now you’ve got your list it.

May be things like customer support.

I’m serving in the Facebook group maybe running ads everything you do in your business is now on a nice list what you want to do now is you want to go and you want to assign a dollar value to.

Everything on that list so what I mean by that is you want to write down roughly how much is the activity were to you and your business now don’t be worried about getting these numbers aquavit like it really doesn’t matter.

Too much about the numbers what you need to look for though is the source of trends and the distance between the numbers so for example if I was drop shipping I was selling physical products in my own Shopify store online to customers my activities could look something like running ads finding products to sell answer into customers and actually fulfilling and shipping out the orders so if I were to label these activities finding the products I would say okay that may be $100 an hour.

Because I need to find products that are good because that is.

A fundamental part of my business so that is a high dollar value next I have got running the ads now running ads again that’s a very high dollar value I’ll say this is worth $200 an hour to me because this is another fundamental to grow in my business for them and we.

Get every bit to actually customer support well customer support is not actually gonna grow my company so.

I would assign this at maybe $10 an hour and then next we have the actual for Crillon and shipping out the orders and again these are not gonna make my business grow it’s not gonna bring new customers into my business and to be honest you can find people to do this for.

Very very cheap on the likes of Oprah XCOM so I am gonna read this as three dollars per hour to know what you need to do is you want to look at this list and there should be a clear distinction between the high dollar values you should have some mid dollar values and you should have your low dollar values just like I did so the high dollar activities in your business are going to be the fundamentals that.

You need to do because they are gonna be the most responsible for growing your company and helping you achieve success then you should have.

The mid dollar values let’s say for example right in product descriptions that could be like a Betty – $40 an hour job because it’s quite important but not overly important to those mid-level dollar values you want to continue to do them in your company until you have grown to the.

Point where you can hire a bigger team but the loads are the value.

Activities like the equal fill in orders and the customer support these activities are very low dollar value because they do not help in growing your company so what you actually want to do is you want to outsource all the low dollar activities to your new assistants because doing the high dollar activities that is going to be crucial and you’re gonna want to do them for as long as you can’t doing the mid dollar activities you should really outsource these in.

The future but if you’re not making big profits inside your company then you should do them as well and doing the mid and the high level activities if you want to do them well and to a good standard you can’t be doing the low dollar activities you literally.

Can’t do everything if you want to succeed in a shorter amount of time you need to focus 80% of your time on the high dollar activities you.

Need to focus 20% of your time on the mid dollar activities and you.

Want to spend zero percent of your time on the low dollar activities so now you’ve probably guessed you need a rock star assistance so that you can spend your time on actually growing your business and achieving the success you want to achieve but now you probably got all those the questions like.

Or where do I find these people how much do I pay them how do I work with them so that is what we are gonna answer right now so the first question is where do we find our assistance and the easiest place to find assistance and the globally most well-known is a website called upwork.com off-work is a website where you can connect with freelancers you can view their portfolio.

You can post a job there and then you can go interview the candidates and decide on the best one for your business to the second question you probably have is how much should I pay them now these low dollar value activities a lot of them you.

Should be able to get for pretty cheap for example if you run a Shopify store and you want someone to fulfill your orders you didn’t get.

Someone to do that for literally $2 an hour and the reason we.

Can get such cheap freelancers sounds inhumane but the reason is because we can hire people in different countries such as the Philippines now in the Philippines the dollar is worth a lot more than it is over here so you can find people for two to three dollars an hour to handle all these loads all.

Our activities in your business now when you start outsourcing the medium dollar activities in your business that is when you may have to pay $10 an hour $15 an hour or maybe even higher than that which is why I recommend you start out with just the low dollar activities so the third question is how do I work with these people and what type of people should I look for well.

Just want to look at your list of activities and you just want to try your best to categorize or maybe it’s technology maybe it’s ecommerce maybe it’s just an administrative assistant that can be one as well you want to try your best to categorize it into a main category and sometimes you might have two categories or even three and that’s okay but ideally you want to try and get it into one main category so once you’ve got your category you simply want to go onto upwork.com or a similar websites and you want to post a.

Job and say hey I’m looking for a this category let’s say it’s an administrative assistants to help me free up my time and then in there what.

You want to do is you simply list the required jobs you need them to do and ask them if they have any prior experience and then what you want to do is simply shortlist the applicants get them on a Skype call and see which one is the best fit.

For your company so after you find the right candidate and you’ve hired them and you’re now ready to start work what you want to do is make a Word document and write down in detail all the tasks and the processes required for each tasks and maybe even get them a video tutorial.

Know exactly what to do and then from there you want to figure out your budget so if you only want to spend forty dollars a month with your freelance said that is okay and you could still save a lot of time with even just ten dollars a week which is absolutely absurd I know but that’s the whole reason we are outsourcing so if your budget was $40.

Your freelance set was two dollars an hour what you would want to do is set them a budget of just five hours a week and let them know this and if you use.

Up where you can actually set this manually in your contract so they can’t go over this time period so a great benefit also up work is that while the freelancer works you can absolutely see pretty much watch their screen and see the work they are doing so you know that they’re only actually charging you for work they are doing and if you manage to do.

This whole thing successfully you will now have your first Rockstar assistants who are very cheap so it does not break.

The bank but you will now save maybe five ten hours a week that can now be spent in solely focusing on growing your business so that is honestly one of the best productivity hacks I have ever learnt.

As an entrepreneur and as your company grows your team is gonna grow as well and eventually you’ll be at the point where you’ve got freelancers that might as freelancers that manage freelancers but this really is how it all begins you know a lot of people ask me.

You know how do i structure my team how do i grow a big massive team like all these big companies and big.

Gurus do and the answer is you don’t you want to start with one of them works or.

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