How To Use – Sip – Dave's Quick Tips

Again have you ever been in their writing styles and you have to add your colors and you’re like oh what what was that color it was six five ad C I don’t even know something crazy right it’s hard to remember those it’s hard to recall them from memory you end up having to either dig into another file or.

Refer to something else in order to just get that wouldn’t it be easier to just.

Click a button and have it popped right in there I know I would it’s way easier for me to recognize a.

Color than it is to recall it science teaches is to have that’s one of those things but this this is one of my favorite apps it’s called SIPP it’s at its heart it’s just a palette manager a color palette manager I have lots of different palettes in mine right now and of course some.

Some history and stuff and it does a.

You can use it to collect colors once you collect those colors you can share those colors and then from there designers and developers.

Can both use those same colors to do the mock-ups and write the code and do the thing and not just web developers but all kinds of developers it’s actually it’s actually pretty cool the the number of different formats that they’ve included in this it is not free unfortunately those cost a little bit of money you can try it for free for I think two weeks or something like that get.

It or if you have setup then you already have it so a pretty good deal there lots of different features but let’s get started let’s talk about collecting first so my.

Favorite way to collect the palette is just to open the loop up you can either click this thing or my favorite is just to hold control option command P and that brings them right up.

And then from there you can either just click this and it will add to your your history so this one here at gondola and you can just.

Keep doing that it takes a long time that way though so what I prefer to do is.

I hold the ctrl key and as I click here it doesn’t look like anything is happening but as soon as I release the ctrl key I get this pallet ok and then I can name it this one is hands on I’ll just leave that for now I can name it and I can add to it so I can duplicate this.

If I wanted to have a separate one but I can change this color maybe make it I don’t know a little bit lighter for whatever reason and I can either overwrite that or add it so now I have those two greens I can sort these I can.

Move them around and like I said we can share this so this pallet now becomes something that both designers and developers can use I could go in here and there are tons of different.

Things in fact there’s there’s even PDF in here so if you were doing mood boards or something like that you can share that with a client SCSS my preference is just to go with the sip palette and save that out put it on the desktop for now wait and now if I go here I have this this sit palette if I double-click it you’re.

Gonna see immediately that now I have two of these things over here which is perfect except that I didn’t really need to but that’s okay and they.

Have all the same colors all the same color names they’re all still in there in terms of using these now for a designer it’s.

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