How To Use – Sip – Dave's Quick Tips

Very easy you don’t even need to do any of this you can just grab.

These rock-paper-scissors and laser sword so maybe I want this one to be green this.

One is blue and all I’m doing here is command clicking and it puts that into the fill color so right there maybe I want this one to be I don’t know orange because laser sword meets everything in terms of illustrator or sketch you can also use the background by holding down shift shift command when you do it which puts it right in there and now I have a very fine line around this so it’s it’s very easy to get into and and all you’re doing is just click an.

Act click an ad click an ad ok for developers it’s the exact.

Same way only it’s in code so now we have these formats instead of the history it has a second section which has lots of different formats I’ve actually hidden most of them so there’s.

Formats for if you’re doing iOS design Android design all these different apps you have all of these different color formats that you could go with I only do web design so those are the only ones there and I have some custom ones here so I have things like the variable declaration and the.

Variable call I can set this here I can go back to my my file and now now if I do this it will add that to the very top there’s my variable there’s the color name and I can change this just by going and getting the call instead there it is long green so I can be in completely different files I use sublime so it doesn’t really have a lot of great SCSS intellisense is that what it’s called for for code but this does working.

In vs code as well it even works in vim if that’s your to kill lots of different ways so it’s called sip it.

Is available as a trial you can also apply it it’s it’s very cheap ten bucks and it will allow us to collect colors you can collect colors from anywhere any website any picture you can just get it there’s arrow keys for moving around if you want.

Share them to whatever format you’re doing and then of course you can.

Use them and like I said designers and developers can both use them which makes it almost brain-dead simple that’s it for this time have you tried it have you used it comment away let me know what you think if you’re on Windows I.
Don’t think this is available for Windows.

But if you’re on Windows and you do something similar I’d love to hear about it comment about that as well and I.

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