10 Life Changing Ifttt Recipes For Extreme Productivity

Hey modders my name is Taylor and today I would like to talk to you about one of my favorite things in the entire world which is if this then that recipes or IFFT recipes but before we get to that this video is brought to you by todoist if you don’t know what to do is to go to their.

Website at to do is calm to read about one of the best task management apps period and now here are ten if.

In that recipes for extreme productivity I have to say I’m probably one of the worst people on the planet for returning calls sorry mom I just don’t like talking on the phone and I also never remember to go back in to my missed calls until I miss another one and that’s why I created an IFFT recipe for this specific scenario I used the Android phone call channel and any.

Time I miss a call it automatically creates a todoist task with the name and number of the.
Person they called at the time that they called and reminds.

Me at some point that day to call them back I have to check that off before I go to sleep and in order to.

Do that I have to call the person back another one of my all-time favorite recipes is one that takes all of my pocket content and transfers it to two DUIs tasks I mainly use.

This method from mobile since the new to do ask Chrome extension has the ability.

To circumvent pocket altogether.

If I want to save an article to read later that day the thing is I don’t want everything that I save in pocket as a task in todoist so the way I get around that is a nifty recipe where only the items tagged must.

Read get sent to to do us as tasks under the reading project part of being a more efficient and productive person is learning about new methods and tools to help you along the way fortunately there are a lot of websites out there dedicated to.

Doing just that like the todoist blog one of the easiest ways to get all of this content pushed.

Directly to your device is better creating a category and feedly called productivity and putting all of your favorite productivity.

Blogs inside that category then use the feedly channel and IFFT to create a recipe that will then send you a daily or a weekly digest email directly to your inbox with all of that productivity content in tow you can also just use the RSS channel and if you don’t want all of that.

Feedly content pushed into your inbox every single day or every single week so you can weed out just the ones that you want pushed directly to your email it’s totally up to you since I really hate entering the same thing twice another really helpful to duis recipe is one that takes all of my new calendar entries and automatically creates to do as tasks from them.

It’s pretty straightforward any time a new event is created in my work calendar and.

New task is created in the todoist.

Inbox and you can have them go to any project that you like the reason I have them go to my inbox is because not every event I’m going to create in my calendar will go to the same exact project in todoist that means there is going to be a little work in editing the tasks after they’re in todoist but it definitely saves me a few steps and I really like the way it.

Works and just like with calls sometimes I can be really bad about responding to emails the way I remind myself to respond to someone in Gmail is by starring that email that triggers a recipe and if this and that that then creates a task in todoist to remind me to respond to that email it’s a very straightforward and simple recipe but it is extremely helpful especially if you’re forgetful about emails like I am.

A really simple way to get package delivery information automatically is by using the slice channel and if it’s an aggregator that pulls all of the things that you purchased from the internet to one place plus it can notify you of the shipments.

With the tracking information pair that with a power of if and you can get tracking information on just about anything you can buy on the Internet integrated directly into your Google Calendar automatically I have to give my friend Jason Cipriani the.
Credit for this particular recipe Jason thank you seriously thank you when.

I’m not using it to take external events to create new tasks and todoist I’m usually using it to save things to pocket or.

Evernote for safekeeping or future reference for example one that I use more than just about anything is saving tweets that I need to respond to or come back to at a later date to pocket I do that by simply favoriting a tweet and then if this.

And that takes care of the rest and with a recipe like this you can actually chain multiple if this and that recipes together for example with this one if I have a.

Favorited tweet tag a pocket article with must-read then that task will also get added to my to do is simply by favoriting it also when I’m browsing reddit if I upload a post I also usually share that on Twitter to save myself a step or.

Two I created and if this then that recipe that automatically does that I simply upload something on Reddit and it shares to Twitter automatically.

I’ve also experimented a lot with different recipes to track my work hours and a lot of them I end up falling off.

The bandwagon after just a few weeks because they require user input I have to do something like click a button or press this or type that so that something happens in the.

Background and then my work hours are locked one of the best methods that I found although it doesn’t work for me because I work from home and rarely leave the house uses the iOS or Android.

Location channels on IFFT simply create two recipes one for entering and one for exiting hgo fenced area once you cross that barrier either in or out a new line.

Will be added to a spreadsheet in Google Drive or to a note in Evernote how you create the recipe is up to you but basically the concept is the same and finally if you never want to lose an email attachment in Gmail ever again you can.

Have all incoming attachments saved automatically to Dropbox or Google Drive using this recipe but that is going to do it for this video if you found it helpful and enjoyed it be sure to click.

New thumbs up button below and share any recipes that you think we should know about in the comment section also down below one last time this video is brought to you by todoist so if you have not checked it out.

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