Basics Of Programming Languages

We’re going to cover the basics of programming languages the agenda for today is what is a programming language front end versus back-end front-end languages and back-end languages what is a programming language a programming language is what a programmer uses to tell the computer what to do the language goes from what the programmer writes to the ones and zeros.

The computer can understand through slightly different processes for different languages so for instance for Java it would go through.

A process called population to get to the ones and zeros for scripting languages like Python it would just be run pretty much straight as it goes and adjust some time kind of way and it’s important to remember that computers are stupid.

The work they do is only as good as the programs that are written for them front end versus back end so the front end is what the user interacts with basically if you can see it it’s part of the front end code so an example would be the color and shape of the button on the screen that’s part of.

The front end the back end is the part of the code that does the heavy lifting all the real computing is done on the back end so a good rule of thumb is that if.

It touches a data base gets information or manipulates information it’s part of the back end so an.

Example would be creating a profile on a website when you press the button that’s a back-end operation because it’s interacting with a database and storing information some back in languages sorry some front-end languages so HTML and CSS which are kind of languages.

Used on the front end HTML stands for hypertext markup language and it’s a series of tags that creates the structure of a web page and it can be written directly in a file and opened in a browser to view so this is an example of some HTML code you can see it’s just a series of tags like head meta style.

And this is what’s used to create the structure of a web page and then the CSS which stands for cascading style sheet is used to cut this use to change the color the font size the background etc of a web page it can either be put in assets you heat up with.

The style in a separate CSS file in a style tag on the same page or inline directly in the tags and this is just a way to.

Change the look and feel the website so some vocab before you go on object-oriented it means a program isn’t able to model you can model program as a set of objects that can be controlled and manipulated separately it’s.

Modeled like how the real world works so for instance if you were going to create a model of a.

Classroom you would have an object for the white board and the white board would have actions like you could write on the whiteboard or erase.

From the white board that sort of thing and that’s idea of a branch it is you create objects that interact with each other and can be moved and can be changed separately client-side is associated with the front-end and web apps in the.

Abstract the client side is the part that is requesting information or computation and then on the server side which is associated with the backend.

And web apps it’s and in the abstract it’s the part that’s providing the information slash computation so client side is front-end and server side is beckoned to compile means to convert a program into a lower level language that can meet that can actually.
Be executed on the on a machine and dynamic can be changed or modified.

Throughout the run of a program javascript so javascript is an object-oriented client-side scripting language this means it has the ability to keep track of objects is run in a browser and doesn’t need to be compiled before.

The browser gets the code and.

Decides what to do with it as it’s run some common flavors of JavaScript or jQuery which is a library that allows for extra functionality some things like kidding it creates a way to hit the backend more effectively you can do some computations with jQuery get objects on the page that sort of thing react j/s is a library.

For building dynamic interfaces and angularjs is a structural framework.

For dynamic web pages so reactin angularjs are both used for dynamic pages and they are similar but the.

Way they’re coded is different so now for some back in languages Java is a class-based object-oriented style II typed compiled.

Language it’s one of the most commonly used programming language as it is straightforward to use and gives helpful errors when something goes wrong many companies use Java for their back-end so job to Java being statically typed means that it’s types for its variables don’t.
Change throughout the run of the program and that’ll make more sense.

Later in in a later session whenever we talk about how you.

Actually program in Java but for now just note that the variable types don’t change it’s object oriented which means it.

Has the objects that we talked about and in the vocab and it is compiled which means before you run it it goes from the Java code into a different language that the machine can actually understand so Python is a high-level object-oriented scripting language and scripting languages aren’t compiled before they’re run you run them and the computer interprets them.

As the program runs which means you don’t see any errors until you actually try to run the code which can be frustrating the language is slow but it has a lot of libraries so it’s easy to do pretty much whatever.

The programmer wants it’s a very good it’s very good at performing math operations and it’s most often used for smaller pointed projects overlooked instead of large complex ones because once.

You start getting a larger project with Python it can get sort of unwieldy because you can’t compile it if you can run it and get a lot of errors that.

Sort of thing and it’s used for web apps at some companies for their back-end so C is a functional language which means it is not object oriented like Java or Python and.

C is a compiled language it’s.

Most often used for low-level.

Work like writing operating systems or firmware and firmware is software that runs directly on we’re like cell phones so if the.

If it’s running on a chip its firmware and that’s it I hope that was helpful.

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