Lecture 26 | Programming Paradigms (stanford)

This presentation is delivered by the Stanford center for professional development everyone welcome I actually have in spite of what it looks like I have three handles for you today but we had some photocopier drama and so I handed out the practice midterm already and we have two more handouts the solution to the practice set of problems and also.

Tomorrow’s discussion section and I know a lot of you have 107 is falling off the.

Radar because you know the assignment isn’t too bad and the Pythons on the final exam but this memorization which is discussed in this the assignment eight handout is central to you getting the problem done nicely and if you have any trouble with that and you’re going to want to go to discussion section tomorrow because we do an even more difficult example than the one you.

Have to solve in that section handout we also do a little bit XML processing and data processing using some of the built-in functionality from Python that I’m going to go over today it’s cool I think it’s a cool little section handout it’s pretty.

Lightweight but nonetheless go to discussion section tomorrow if you have any more curious about with curiosity about Python I’m really regretting not having more time for Python cuz I think it’s a fun little language but we’ve already.

Learned all the paradigms that I.

Want to go over so we’re just looking at Python as a representative of all three of them as far as the final exam is concerned member it’s a week from today I can’t say it enough but there’s no Python on the final but everything up to the last lecture of a scheme through the.

Entire quarter is fair game I certainly will emphasize material not covered on the midterm but given that the midterm is worth what percentages it is and the final is.

Worth a little bit more I really try to make it so that all of the C material that was emphasized in.

The first half of the class.

Really contributes about half as much or I’m sorry equal weight as.

All the post pure C stuff okay so expect to see one very simple C question a code gen question that focuses on C++ and references the stuff I did not emphasize in the midterm and then scheme concurrency etc okay no etcetera schema okay yep oh I’m sorry OCO generation so yes certainly yeah what I want oh I’m sorry there’s a morning offering 8:30 it’s in Dinks Dinkelspiel auditorium they’re going to have.

So much room there because only about 25 percent of your going to come to that time and then the afternoon one is in Hilo.

At 200 which is where I believe your midterm was okay what I want to do today is I want.

To talk about the more modern practices in dealing with xml processing I don’t I think xml is.

Kind of neat it’s not exactly a new technology although it’s not exactly young either all of you have some.

Exposure to xml processing because you had to do at least a little bit of it or understand a little bit of it for assignments 4.

And 6 and when you got to assignment 6.

You really did real XML processing because you were forced to deal with the expat.
Parser this open source effort that happened to be installed on all of our.

Machines here and you use the expert parser to get all the.

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