Tmbs – 44 – Trump's North Korea Premiers & Deprogramming The Musk Cult Ft Mike Hanna & Cody Johnston

Given all that he said in terms of isolationism during the campaign I do not think the lofty unfortunate really unfortunate loss of this child is enough to start that kind of military what’d he do you went to a missiles on its way to Los Angeles and hope is is that we points out that that that if missile interceptor.

Work so that the doesn’t you sacrifice Los Angeles to say you know what we waited wish in the way who or.

Do you go ahead and say there is going to be a by the way if you do do this with what I just suggested if you do a preemptive strike to wipe out the missile or they’re unsure their nuclear program or at least put it back several decades.

You will have a lot of innocent people who will die casualty.

The casualties of war will be massive right now you in charge you say let’s go up like now here’s what I’ve said in the past I said he this Kim jong-eun continues to test these.

Misses I’m gonna put more and more danger to our West Coast I’m with you I think I think solution good food oh it’s gonna be very wary of killing innocent civilians on North Korea are.

The sanctions if they don’t work our all options still on the table I get your answered also the primary school after the second we’ll have to see I don’t think I would exactly play that car but we’ll have to see if the sanctions don’t work you have to go face-to-face to may be a very rough thing maybe very very unfortunate for the world but hopefully the sanctions will work we have tremendous support all around the world it really is a.

Rogue nation if we could make a deal that would be a great thing and if we can’t.

Something will have to happen what surprised you today about Kim jong-nam really he’s got a great personality.
He’s a you know funny guy he’s a very smart guy he’s a great.

Negotiator he loves his people not that I’m surprised by that but he loves his people and I think that we have a you know the start of an amazing.

Deal we’re gonna Dean nuke North Korea it’s gonna start immediately and a lot of other things are happening he’ll do it I really believe that otherwise I wouldn’t be doing this I really believe in it was really the.

Engine testing site in addition to all of the.

They agreed to do it was the they have a very powerful engine testing that again worried say hey I was wrong I don’t know that I’ll ever admit that but I’ll.

Find us I’ll find some kind of an excuse okay one – one more come on.

I’m very very honored for this award the impact voices of courage and conscience Media Award there was however very little courage and one would hope an ordinary amount of conscience at work and producing our israel-palestine episode of parts unknown I was enormously grateful for the response from Palestinians in.

Particular for doing what seemed to me an ordinary thing something we do all the.

Time show regular people doing everyday things cooking and enjoying meals playing with their children talking about their lives their hopes and dreams there’s a measure I guess of how twisted and shallow our depiction of a people is that these images come as a shock to so many the world has visited many terrible things on.

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