Plc Counter Output & To Reset Using Automation Studio In English

Hello friend today I explained to you in automation studio the counter we have three types of counter cysteine bit counter 32 bit counter and 32 bit high-speed counting up up and down here cysteine bit means to rest of our system if our range is high accounting we required to raise to the power 32 this up and down counter.
Means it will count up one two three four and downs three four to one like.

That seem like here high-speed exclusive or gate.

Here is up and down count also here.

You seen on ledge means it will be greased when we press the reset button it.

Will become zero but here preset unless means it keep the value in its register here in 32-bits also be said that unless is coming in high-speed 32-bit also up and down so your high speed c23 five to see.

Two four six Lech and alleged see 2 4 6 2 C 2 double 5 and here for 200 to 219 knowledge and let’s yeah lady c220 to see 2034 and here lono well you know the number of water soap makers took i counting we required low number is.

To count so we using see two cysteine bit to raise to the power system bit counting his ranges.

From sea to sea 99 which will be reset and knowledge and to keep the value in its register we use this range see hundred to.

See 119 now when this pulse sensor x0 is the switch when it’s received so suppose the three portal passes is right I use the rising edge here so when three portal passes in front of the sensor x0 this will allege this y0 conveyor belt and it’s to be started now let’s see.

In the diagram here you see I use this automation studio here this is the X 0 switch and it’s constant contact input zero contact now when I press this start counting when it’s completed 3 it will give us the output at output 1 and here green light will appear on output and then.

Again when you see I press this button X 1 this will reset this counter let’s.

See this demo one you see accumulation number is increases to 3 and at 3:00 is we said now after he said so here I will create this diagram for you to understand I am sure you know how to connect the switches and power in my previous example I am shown to you to remove this cut this timer this contact cut yeah okay I remove this all contact to save the timing I just keep this contact wiring but this video no here I placed this first contact second for.

Completion of counter thirty in contact for x1 switch today said here.

Please and now counter Here I am using up counting so I place over here and then output coil I am taking from later a B PLC so yeah while contact for output one is to be placed here and then for he said place over here now.

Click on this first content and here I.

Place I for input I am associating this switch with this context like select I input clicking this box to select this I see little x0 Fonteyn input one yeah in this register.

For data I required preset to three counting 10 is much for short counting 3 is a No and this variable dn when the total counting op reset 3 is completed this contact is activated and gives to supply to the output one now this output or is.

To associate to output one click over here and close this do you see is this output is associated with the output 1 now switch X 1 the second switch I want to try right here I associate with.

So select here and click in this selection box this one so this appeared here and close it again please head yeah right Ari he said with this counter is to be selected what diagonally completed everything is to be associated now it’s time to simulate run this click over here no you see the counter first second still not over and I click.

Third question the output is to be up here you see output to reset this counter I have to place this x1 is so output goes off I’m sure this counter example is very useful to understand this.

The PLC on this automation straight you wish you to see in my next lecture please don’t forget to subscribe my channel see you in July and next lecture bye bye.

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